Difference Between Genuine and OEM BMW Parts

Difference between geuine and OEM BMW parts

When it comes time to repair a BMW, it's natural for owners to want the best available parts to ensure their car maintains its superior performance. However, what many drivers don't realize is, the most expensive parts aren't necessarily the best. This is why it helps to understand the difference between genuine and OEM BMW parts

Who makes BMW parts in San Diego?

It goes without saying the many components of your BMW and its engine when it comes out of the factory are precisely designed to make the car perform at its best. However, BMW doesn't actually make most of the parts used to build the car. Like all car manufacturers, BMW sources hundreds of components from dozens, even hundreds, of third party companies, and uses them to assemble cars in its factory. This is even true of most parts featuring the BMW name and logo.

What are genuine BMW parts?

Genuine parts are exactly the same as your BMW's original parts, right down to the name and logo. While these parts of course work perfectly to repair any BMW, they wind up being the most expensive  — primarily due to this branding. Many people assume that being more expensive means genuine BMW parts are the best choice for repairs. But it turns out, OEM parts are usually just as good, yet more affordable. However, depending on the part, Genuine parts may be the only option.

What are OEM BMW parts?

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is another way of saying OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer that makes genuine BMW parts. OEM parts are typically made in the same factory, of the same materials, by the same people, using the same tools and machines as genuine parts. Really there are only two differences between genuine and OEM BMW parts, the first one being that genuine parts feature BMW branding, while OEM parts don't. The other, more relevant difference, is the price. OEM parts are much more affordable.

Which parts are best for your BMW in San Diego?

This is a decision best left to those with experience in BMW repair. Although OEM is a cost effective solution in most cases, it is not always the best answer for your car. OEM parts just won’t work in some situations and the minor differences between OEM and Genuine are only going to be known by those who have tried both over the years. Find a mechanic you trust and let him recommend the best part for your repair.

Using OEM parts in your BMW will not void warranty

A common point of concern BMW owners have when considering whether to opt for genuine or OEM parts is that not using genuine parts could void the manufacturer's warranty. However, this is not the case. Since 1975, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act has stipulated that manufacturers cannot fail to honor warranties based on the use of non-branded parts, such as OEM parts. Repairs made by repair shops using OEM parts therefore leave any existing warranties fully intact.

B and B Autohaus uses Genuine BMW and OEM parts for BMW repairs in San Diego

In the San Diego area, B and B Autohaus offers expert repair of all BMW models using only OEM parts made in the same factories as the car's original components. For superior repairs and maintained performance, trust San Diego's BMW experts. Contact B and B Autohaus today!