BMW intake cleaning (walnut blasting) at B and B Autohaus

Walnut Blasting & BMW Intake Cleaning at B and B Autohaus.

A BMW is quite an amazing car. Driving a BMW isn't driving just any car, it is getting behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine. When you feast your eyes on a fresh Beemer it goes beyond just seeing a hot car, it is a sensory experience. Sitting in a BMW is akin to sitting on a moving throne, because suddenly you feel like you are king.

Part of owning this incredible miracle of modern machinery is taking care of it with the respect and attention it deserves. Part of that maintenance is getting an intake cleaning, aka a walnut blasting. Luckily for you, beyond oil changes, brake repairs and other more common BMW maintenance, B and B Autohaus in San Diego also specializes in BMW Intake Cleaning.

What is BMW Intake Cleaning / Walnut Blasting Fixing in my car?

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Intake cleaning, also know as "walnut blasting" is a common method used in BMW maintenance to address a buildup of excessive carbon. Since a BMW has a direct injection engine, which is a car engine that injects gasoline directly into the engine of your BMW, carbon can build up. Despite this limitation, direct injection engines offer a ton of other perks including better fuel mileage, efficiency and horsepower.

Similar to a human, your BMW requires oxygen to run. When gasoline is released into the combustion chamber in the vehicle, carbon is released into the engine. This is a byproduct of the spark plug ignition of gasoline, and the carbon can build up over time. As the carbon builds up, it can alter the ratio of compression in the engine, leading to inaccurate operating temperature and sensor readings. Also, the carbon build up goes inside the engine and creates a coat in the air valves, exhaust and combustion chamber. This restricts the car's ability to run smoothly, hurting the BMW's efficiency and power.

How Does walnut blasting clean the intake build up in my bmw?

Walnut blasting is literally exactly what it sounds like. We blast crushed up walnut shells into the car's engine, letting the walnuts work like a sandblaster. This Walnut Blasting gets all of the built up carbon out of your vehicle, allowing your BMW to act as it should.

B & B Autobhaus in San Diego are the walnut blasting / intake cleaning experts

Are you ready to get your BMW running smoothly, free of harsh carbon build up? Then you need to contact B and B Autohaus in San Diego. We are the San Diego BMW experts, with years of experience and the expertise that comes with it. Give us a call at (858) 560-0042 or shoot us an email today!