BMW Scheduled Maintenance at B and B Autohaus San Diego

Scheduled repairs & service for BMWs in San Diego at B and B Autohaus.

B and B Autohaus have a reputation around San Diego as the BMW Experts. We have the technology, experience and skill to tackle any and all issues with your BMW, featuring 4 Level 1 BMW Master Technicians on staff. That is why if you need scheduled maintenance for your BMW in San Diego, forget going to a BMW dealership. B and B Autohaus in San Diego is the best place to get scheduled maintenance, service and repairs in town.

What is BMW Scheduled Maintenance & Service?

All cars need scheduled maintenance. Over time, the wear and tear of driving can lead to little issues creeping up that the average driver and BMW owner would not notice. That is why you need to take your BMW in to a car repair shop at regularly scheduled intervals so an expert can look under the hood and inspect your car to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

How often do I need to bring my BMW in for scheduled Maintenance & Repairs

Many are curious how often they need to bring in their BMW for scheduled maintenance, and the answer to that question varies. It all depends on how you drive and how cautious you are about prolonging the life of your vehicle. If you drive your car hard and are eager to do everything possible to extend the life of your vehicle, bring your BMW in often for inspection. If you mostly drive your car only to or from work you can hold off on maintenance until about 16,000 miles have passed.

What work is done during a BMW Scheduled Maintenance & Service Visit?

When you bring your BMW into B and B Autohaus in San Diego, a variety of work will be done. Depending on how long it has been since your last visit, the team at B and B Autohaus will perform the following tasks:

BMW Scheduled Maintenance San Diego.
  • BMW Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Check the Brakes
  • Inspect the Rubber Belts and Hoses
  • Check on the BMWs Suspension
  • Check for Leaks of Any Fluids
  • Check the Windshield Wiper Fluid and Wipers Themselves
  • Check the Tires and Tire Pressure
  • Power Steering System Check
  • Exhaust Leaks Inspection
  • Brake Pad Cleaning
  • Check the Control Arm
  • Examine the tires and wheels for wear and tear
  • Check the battery
  • Much more!

BrIng Your BMW to B and B Autohaus in San Diego for Service & Maintenance

B and B Autohaus in San Diego are the BMW experts, specializing in scheduled maintenance and repairs. If your BMW is due for scheduled maintenance in San Diego, bring it to B and B Autohaus today. We will give you a great price and perform flawless work. Contact B and B Autohaus in San Diego to schedule your BMW for a maintenance and repair visit today by calling (858) 560-0042

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