Why Use Genuine or OEM Parts for BMW Repair & Service?

Service and Repair BMWs in San Diego with OEM parts

There's a very good reason BMWs are considered among the world's finest automobiles, and that's superior engineering. From design through manufacture, every inch, every millimeter of a BMW has been constructed with a purpose: to ensure the final product achieves automotive perfection.

It doesn't matter which model you're talking about, every BMW is a finely tuned machine. And within such a precision engineered system, every individual component needs to function exactly as intended, down to the most minute measurement, and most detailed specification. That's why it's important to use Genuine or OEM parts for BMW repair & service.

The importance of OEM parts for BMWs

When it comes time to repair or maintain a BMW, these parts, often referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) parts, are truly the only option available to ensure a post-repair BMW operates like new. Because these are the same parts used to build a new BMW.

Like any car, several parts of a BMW will experience wear and tear over time and eventually need to be replaced. There's no getting around this. While many third party manufacturers attempt to copy BMW components after the fact, only OEM parts live up to the precise craftsmanship that goes into the design of every BMW. That's because an OEM part is exactly the same component the BMW was built with.

The problem with aftermarket parts for a BMW

A lot of mechanics will recommend after market parts, and so will a number of insurance companies. While they often have a good reason to do so, that reason never has to do with quality, and always has to do with cost. Because many aftermarket manufacturers offer cheaper alternatives to OEM parts. This doesn't have to do with competitive pricing or slimmer profit margins. Aftermarket parts cost less either because they are made from inferior materials, or because they are produced using less exacting processes.

While any mechanic may successfully install an aftermarket part that closely resembles the original OEM component, that is not to say the product will precisely fit, or perform at the same high level BMWs demand. An aftermarket part is more likely to reduce a BMW's efficiency, and more likely to wear out sooner. The consequence of saving a small amount of money by choosing aftermarket over OEM will ultimately be higher costs to operate and maintain vehicle performance down the road. In other words, not only will aftermarket parts diminish BMW's legendary performance, they will ultimately cost more to do so.

Check the warranty

Another drawback of aftermarket parts is they will void any active BMW warranty. BMW will still cover repairs using OEM parts, but BMW knows aftermarket components can't be trusted to perform to manufacturer specs. If BMW is not willing to gamble on third party parts, why should you?

B and B Autohaus only uses OEM Parts

At B and B Autohaus, we only use Genuine or OEM parts for BMW repair and service. We have the utmost respect for the quality of BMW engineering, and will settle for nothing less than the same high standards. Contact us today to satisfy your BMW repair and maintenance needs.