About BMW Car and BMWs in San Diego

About the History of BMW Cars

Everyone knows what to expect when they hear your car is one of the vehicles produced by lauded car manufacturer BMW. BMW has an impeccable reputation of making top of the line cars that combine the performance of a sports car with the comforts of a luxury sedan. You may be very familiar with a BMW car, but how well do you know the history of BMWs? B and B Autohaus in San Diego are the local BMW Experts, and we are more then happy to fill you in on the history of BMW and BMW Cars.

The Founding of BMW and the First BMW Cars

BMW was not always known as BMW. BMW has far reaching roots, dating as far back as the early 20th century. The company began as Rapp Motorenwerke, only to change to Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH (BMW) in 1916. However, just because the company had been around did not mean they were the automobile super power we know BMW as today. The company mostly specialized in aircraft engines as well as industrial engines. BMW first built a car under license in 1928, a full 12 years after it became known as BMW. This shifted the focus of BMW to cars, and over the successive years BMW has worked tirelessly to create the amazing vehicle BMW is know as today.

B and B Autohaus are the San Diego BMW Experts

If you have a BMW or are just eager to learn about BMW cars, B and B Autohaus in San Diego is the place to go. We are the San Diego BMW Experts, with knowledge and experience to answer any and all questions you may have. Contact B and B Autohaus today  by calling (858) 560-0042to learn more about BMW or to bring your car in for an oil change or other service.