BMW Water Pump Repair & Replacement at B and B Autohaus

B and B Autohaus BMW Water Pump Replacement & Repair.

B and B Autohaus in San Diego is the local BMW repair experts, specializing in getting your BMW ready to look and drive like a dream. It is important to make sure your BMW is always in tip top driving shape, and that is where B and B Autohaus comes in. Not only do we specialize in BMW oil changes, BMW Spark Plug Replacement, Brake Repair and Replacement and BMW Head Gasket Replacement, we also have specialists on hand ready to replace your BMW's water pump.

Water Pump Problems & Signs Your BMW Needs a New Water Pump in San Diego

A BMW water pumps are built to last. Part of having "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is getting top of the line parts come standard issue, and that applies to the water pump as well, as it will typically last 60,000 to 90,000 miles. On top of that, a radiator hose in a BMW can last nearly 100,000 miles, meaning you will have to put some real tread on those tires before you need to think about replacing it. However, over time the day will come when you need to replace the water pump or the radiator, and the experts at B and B Autohaus in San Diego provide some warning signs that your BMW water pump is no longer working properly.

If your BMW water pump begins to make a squeaking noise, you may have a water pump issue

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When you own a car, it is important to employ all five of your senses, and in the case of a water pump you need to be listening. If a water pump or radiator hose is wearing out it will begin to make a squeaking sound. With that in mind, make sure to every once in awhile turn your music off, roll the windows up and listen for a telltale squeak from the water pump.

If Coolant is Leaking from your BMW onto the ground, you may need a new water pump

Leaking fluids from the car is never a good thing. Your car is a well oiled machine (literally), so anything leaking from it is a harbinger of bad things to come. If your car is leaking coolant, this is likely a sign the water pump in your BMW is damaged or the radiator is not operating properly.

You can see coolant seeping from the water pump when you look over under the hood

This is the most direct way to spot trouble in your BMW Water Pump. If you peer under the hood and see even a little bit of Coolant coming form the water pump, there is an issue. Even a trace amount of Coolant escaping the water pump weep hole is sign of a bigger issue.

B and B Autohaus in San Diego replace damaged BMW Water Pumps

If you have a faulty, damaged or broken water pump, B and B Autohaus in San Diego can help. We offer BMW experts ready to get under the hood and repair anything and everything that is wrong with your BMW. We understand how important a BMW can be, as we love BMWs and specialize in working on them. Do not settle for a run of the mill mechanic, come to B and B Autohaus in San Diego for expert BWM Water Pump Replacement. Give us a call at (858) 560-0042.