B and B Autohaus San Diego BMW Expert reviews

B and B Autohaus San Diego BMW Expert reviews

B and B Autohaus BMW Customer Reviews and Testimonials

B and B Autohaus are the place to go if you have a BMW in San Diego. We offer top of the line service at an affordable price so you can bring your BMW in to our repair shop and let your mind be at ease. We have top of the line parts and expert specialists. Don't just take our word for it though. Read through reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers at B and B Autohaus. For more reviews, check out our 5 star reviews on Yelp. Contact B and B Autohaus in San Diego by calling (858) 560-0042.

"I've had nothing but positive experiences...and couldn't recommend a better place to service BMW's"

If you didn’t already know, these guys are AMAZING!!!

I’ve been getting my services done at B and B for the past few years and couldn’t be happier with their knowledge and service. I recently took my 328i in for an oil change and my check engine light was on. I was told that my thermostat housing needed to be replaced Ughhh! Good News is... the guys told me that the replacement would be under an extended manufacturer warranty. What??!! Music to my ears. LOL The only thing I needed to do was to bring my car to BMW service center.

Fast forward a week later. Scheduled an appointment at the BMW service center. My car got scanned and it was confirmed the thermostat needed to be replaced. Only difference is the service adviser was going to charge me because the warranty was expired. I asked to double check the terms and it was indeed under an extended warranty. Yaayyy!!!

I was also told that my battery was really weak and it was urgent for me to have is replaced ASAP. I said “ok” I’ll be back. Left the service center and went straight to B and B. Asked Phillip to check on my battery. I watched him do a scan and he showed me that my battery had full power. No replacement was needed. Once again, saving me $$$

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences over the past few years and couldn’t recommend a better place to service BMW’s. They are the BEST in SD!! :)
— Diane N.
Get your BMW fixed at B and B Autohaus San Diego.

"I am very glad to have brought my car here and will not hesitate to refer my fellow Beemer owners to this shop"

I called and spoke to Phillip about a burnt smell and smoke being emitted from the engine compartment of my 2013 328i a couple of weeks ago.

Initially I was planning to schedule an appointment to bring the car in but after describing the symptoms to Phillip he suggested that I bring the car by so he can take a look to see how serious it was then go from there. I brought the car over to B and B Autohaus and Phillip initially did a visual and smell check on the vehicle then suggest that I leave the car there and they will look into further once they finish up the other jobs in the shop.

The next day, Phillip called me, and to my relief, informed me that the issue was not so serious: I was missing a cap to a valve stem, releasing a small amount of oil on to the hot parts of the engine; hence the smoke and burnt smell.

They replaced the cap to that valve stem and cleaned up the oil around the surrounding area.
I asked Phillip how much it would cost and he informed me it was such an easy job that he would feel bad charging me for it but suggested that I perform a brake fluid flush, which was due anyway, and that he would include the work performed on the same bill. I happily obliged. =)

I am very glad to have brought my car here and will not hesitate to refer my fellow Beemer owners to this shop. I appreciate that they did not make a mountain out of a molehill or over promise me anything (did not make any definitive statements during the preliminary diagnosis, was upfront about when they can further work on the car). I left feeling that the car was in good hands and that I was treated fairly and honestly. As a customer that is very important to me.
A+ business integrity!
— Joe N.

"this is a very professional and honest business"

I took in my 325i last week for a really bad transmission leak, prior to that I spoke to Philip over the phone to set up my appointment. Let me just say this is a very professional and honest business. I told Philip the issue and he gave me a quote over the phone. When I took my car in, I had the mindset that I would get it back for a few days. I dropped off my keys and an hour later I received a phone call from Philip stating that my car would be ready before 2pm, he also charged me the quoted price we discussed over the phone. I waited to write this review to see how my car would run after the repair, and my car is running very smooth. I had a great experience and I’m planning on coming back for all my cars service needs!
— Julieanna L.
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"they gave me a GREAT price in comparison to the dealership"

So I hit a raccoon driving out in the country.... in my F30 BMW 328i. (Some a-hole was tailgating me and flashing his lights on a windy 2-lane road so I couldn’t avoid or stop for the poor little guy)....

One of my fog lights was knocked out of its casing and back into my bumper. In addition to this someone had stolen my tow hitch cover on my rear bumper. I’m still under maintenance and mechanical warranty via BMW/BMW San Diego, but those warranties don’t cover this kind of stuff, so what was I to do????

Luckily for me, my brother is a highly educated and successful mechanical engineer (Masters from UCSD etc). He thoroughly researches every major company he utilizes. He recommended B & B Autohaus to me because they have always treated him well, taken good care of his 330, and are pretty honest and forthcoming. They even refunded him $1000 for something and let my Dad pick it up for him since he had since taken a job up in SF. Can you imagine most garages doing that? Honestly? No hassles, no hesitation.

I called for a quote and they gave me a GREAT price in comparison to the dealership. When I showed up they fixed my issues in less than an hour AND charged me $40-50 less than the original quote. Also, the guys working there were really nice and polite. There’s a big screen tv, comfy lounge chairs to wait in, desks so you can do homework or whatever, and a stocked keurig bar.

Pricing is fair, people are nice.... good choice of place. The only thing is this is a mechanical repair shop (they can order parts for you) but not auto body, although they can make a recommendation to a body shop.
— Tanya S.

"Best in Town"

Best in town. I only go here. 100% integrity and rapport during the process. Always done fast and at maximum professionalism. They work with me about parts and other things to make it affordable and possible. I bring both of my BMW here and will continue to . I highly recommend them A +++++++
— Vitaly S.
San Diego BMW Repair Specialists.

"If you drive a BMW, come to this shop and stay away from the dealers!"

PHILIP is amazing! He’s my go to person anytime I need something done to my car. Him and his team are awesome, but I always ask for him! They’re super nice, affordable and they have great customer service which is everything! If you drive a BMW, come to this shop and stay away from the dealers!
Thanks Phil, your honesty and amazing work is much appreciated!
— Mentewab A.

"I got an oil change and had the radiator hose changed for about half the cost of what BMW quoted me for just the radiator hose"

Took my 2005 BMW 525 in to the BMW dealership after noticing I was having a coolant leak. The quoted me an absurd number to change the radiator hose. Called these guys on a Thursday and had an appointment for Friday. The were courteous, professional and quick. I got an oil change and had the radiator hose changed for about half the cost of what BMW quoted me for just the radiator hose (parts and labor). Will definitely use these guys in the future!
— Brandon D.
Get your BMW repaired in San Diego.

"the price here was extremely affordable -- especially for the quality of work"

I stand by giving this place 5-stars and would give more if I could! Have gone back twice and they are absolutely phenomenal!

I thought getting my 100k service was going to cost me an arm and a leg and maybe some other body parts, but the price here was extremely affordable — especially for the quality of work and customer service they provide.

A few days ago I noticed my cigarette lighter stopped working and since they are down the street, I decided to call them on a Saturday on my way to lunch to see if they sell fuses. They don’t, but told me to come on in so they could take a look at it — not only did they see me right away (I was literally 2 minutes away), they replaced the fuse for me in no time and no charge (so quick, I made it on time to lunch)!

Again, customer service is GREAT! Both Phillip and the gentleman up front have been absolutely wonderful to me and my car — this means a lot to me since I frequently move around and it’s hard to find an auto shop you can really trust. These guys have gotten my trust and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Teresa V.

"Gives you the honest truth, and the prices are very doable... Not only that, they are friendly, professional and HONEST!!"

I haven’t had a chance to write about this place. I have gotten my spark plugs, replaced light, oil changes, and brakes done here, oh, and my gas pump went out and they were honest enough to let me know it was still covered by the manufacture warranty.

I hear dreadful stories about people and mechanics, how they were treated bad or just ripped off, and driving a German Car, we all know how expensive that could be.

I have a 2009 535i and do my best to maintain everything possible. After the warranty expired, I had a hard time finding a mechanic, I realize that having a car like this, it isn’t going to be cheap, but I also realize that just because I drive this type of car, mechanics automatically think I have money.

When I came here, my gas pump went out, and I had it towed there. They kept the car there for a day, and didn’t even charge me and informed me that the part was still covered by BMW and advised me to take it there for free.

At that point, I knew that I found a great place, a place that gets down to business and doesn’t waste time. Gives you the honest truth, and the prices are very doable. I wouldn’t choose any other place. Not only that, they are friendly, professional and HONEST!!! Just wanna thank you guys for the exceptional work you guys do. Every shop can learn a few things from yall!!
— Randy P.
B and B Autohaus Best BMW Repair San Diego.

"NO one other than...B&B, will ever touch my BMW's from here on out"

These guys rock! I needed to get in ASAP for an oil change for my Z4, as well as needed to have my A/C taken out of Transport Mode/do a reset - and I needed to get this done before the new buyers arrived the next day.

The stealership wanted $165 just for a diagnostic test - even though I told them it was the Transport Mode that was causing the A/C issue, then they wanted an additional $146 for an oil change - hence why dealerships earn their nickname “stealership”!

When the stealership was too high on crack at those prices, I called a couple of smaller mechanic shops, before landing on B&B - and this one small shop wanted to rip me off - at $145 for an oil change, $80 to take my car out of transport mode, and then an additional $45 for his his hourly rate - what scum!

Anyway, these guys at B&B not only did what needed to be done to my car at a fraction of the cost ($75 total, out the door), but they were also able to get me in the next day. A group of friendly professional guys, I met Philip one of the owners whom I enjoyed talking Z4’s with - these guys actually seem to like their jobs, and they run an honest shop - also their shop is really clean, and modern not grungy/dirty at all.

Needless to say, I am getting another BMW, and I have already decided that NO one other than these guys at B&B, will ever touch my BMW’s from here on out! Yep, that is how impressed I was with their mechanical service, their honesty/reasonable prices as well as their customer service. :)
— Lisa S.

"They did a first class job and did it cost effectively!"

I have a highly modified ‘97 840ci; I am the original owner. Bullet Performance in Costa Mesa did all the mods. I relocated to San Diego earlier this year and needed an independent BMW service shop tailored to my expectations. My car died and thought the alternator was the fault. Philip Bullock, who was formerly with Bullet, diagnosed the real problem, fixed a couple of other issues, and changed all the fluids at his encouragement and with my full agreement. They did a first class job and did it cost effectively! They are now the new home for my 8 series’ needs!
— Ken W.
One awesome BMW 8 series cruising San Diego with the fine support of B&B Autohaus!

"They are honest, courteous and provide excellent service"

I have been here for service a few times and I think it’s time to give them appreciation and credit.

I have dealt with Daniel, Michael and Phillip for quotes and estimates regarding the service and maintenance of my 3 series. They have always been upfront and honest with the cost or possible cost of the work to be done. In all the times I’ve been here, they have been exactly where they quoted me after the job was completed.

The office and customer waiting area are clean and professionally decorated. They provide complimentary Keurig and water. There are desk spaces with charging stations for those that need to get some work done while waiting. There is a giant screen tv and comfortable seating. Reading materials will keep you entertained for hours. Restroom is clean and well maintained.

The quality of the service is equal to, if not better than the dealership. The lower cost alone is a great reason to come here but they back it up with great work. They always finish when they say it will be finished which is great for people like me that have a tight schedule to manage.

I recommend B and B Autohaus and will continue to give them my business. They are honest, courteous and provide excellent service. See for yourself.
— CJ E.

"I found my new BMW maintenance/repair shop!"

Great guys that work there. Nice clean shop and they don’t rip people off like the stealership!

Brought my 11 335i in for intake valve cleaning, oil housing gasket, trans fluid, and rear diff fluid. They did great work, brought out back to see my valves when the car was torn apart and when I checked out the total cost was $200 under their initial quote.

I found my new BMW maintenance/repair shop!
— Wes T.
Intake valve walnut shell blasting and oil filter housing gasket replacement. Great work!