BMW Maintenance and Service Tips

Do you have a BMW? B and B Autohaus offer BMW maintenance tips and BMW service tips for your BMW at our San Diego BMW service shop.

BMW makes some of the best cars on the road, and with a proper maintenance and service schedule, a BMW will continue to operate at high performance levels for years. However, even with a finely tuned machine, driving causes wear and tear that should be monitored closely and addressed by a qualified BMW repair shop when the time comes.

Your BMW will tell you when it requires service

The good news is that recent model BMWs have the technology to let you know when it's time to go in for service and maintenance. One version of this is the Service Interval Indicator (SII). The SII tracks your service dates and computes mileage to let you know when the car is likely due for its next service or maintenance. An indicator will literally tell you how many miles you have left to drive before taking the car in for its next service.

A Condition Based Servicing system, or CBS, takes the BMW's self-monitoring a step further. The CBS essentially makes a BMW a smart car, capable of learning how you drive, and which environmental conditions you typically face — in San Diego that tends to be easy for the car to figure out. The CBS works with a BMW's onboard computers to keep track of the car's individual components, including oil and cabin air filters, both front and rear brake pads, and spark plugs. The CBS will inform you via dashboard light and iDrive display when these parts are wearing out or breaking down, and will let you know when it's time to get them replaced. It even gives you plenty of time to schedule your service appointment, alerting you with four weeks' notice.

This system also monitors brake fluid, tire pressure, and engine oil, covering most of the basics in your car so you don't have to. Such systems don't just let you know when it's time to seek out service and maintenance, they prevent you from servicing your car unnecessarily. In some regards, the only thing you need to do to properly service and maintenance your BMW is listen to your car when it tells you it needs something. When that dashboard display lights up, it's important to schedule an appointment with your qualified BMW repair shop within the timeframe recommended.

That said, there are a few tips to help you maintain performance and extend the life of your BMW beyond the car's onboard data systems.

Check the status of your BMW tires monthly

First, check the status of your tires monthly. While the car's computer will monitor air pressure, it will not recognize uneven wear indicating your BMW requires alignment.

Check the BMW engine's rubber hoses and gaskets

While performing a tire check, also get under the hood to examine your engine's rubber hoses and gaskets. Check for cracks or faulty seals that lead to diminished performance and potential breakdown.

Change your BMWs oil every 7,500 miles, not 15,000 miles

A BMW will instruct you to change your oil at 15,00 miles. However, it is recommended to instead get an oil change at 7,500 miles. If you get the oil changed more frequently you can increase the lifespan of the many important internal parts of the engine.

Check your BMWs spark plugs and air filters

Also, newer BMWs do not tell the owner when to check spark plugs and air filters. Spark plugs are changed at specific intervals on each specific engine and air filters must be visually inspected at each oil change. A BMW will not alert you of these, so make sure to bring your BMW in periodically to check the spark plugs and air filters.

Come to B and B Autohaus for all of your BMW service needs

Finally — only use the BMW recommended parts and oil for oil changes and repairs. In San Diego, B and B Autohaus uses only BMW factory parts in its repairs, and uses manufacturer recommended Castrol synthetic oil, which functions at a higher level than conventional motor oils, and requires fewer changes