B and B Autohaus San Diego BMW Repair Services & Maintenance

B and B Autohaus in San Diego offers the best BMW services, repairs and scheduled maintenance in San Diego. We are the local BMW experts, boasting level 1 Master technicians with decades of experience working on strictly BMWs.  We are aware of the history of BMWs, working on just about every make and model of BMW out there. If you are ready to get the very best services on your BMW, come to B and B Autohaus in San Diego today.

B and B Autohaus has the best brands & BMW Factory parts

B and B Autohaus works with only the very best brands and BMW factory parts. That way, not only do you get amazing technicians working on your car you also get amazing equipment as well. We treat your BMW like the luxury car that it is, putting in the time and effort needed to make sure you leave B and B Autohaus in San Diego satisfied. Contact B and B Autohaus by calling (858) 560-0042 today.

BMW Services & Repairs offered at B and B Autohaus in San Diego

BMW Scheduled MAINTENANCE, Service & Repairs

Is your BMW due for a service checkup? B and B Autohaus in San Diego specializes in BMW Scheduled Maintenance and repairs, giving your amazing BMW the service you need. If youe BMW is due for shceduled maintenance, bring it to B and B Autohaus in San Diego today!

BMW Oil Change in San Diego at B and B Autohaus

B and B Autohaus has BMW experts with years of experiencing performing oil changes for all makes and models of BMW. We use top of the line Castrol Oil to make sure you have top of the line oil going into your BMW. If you are interested in getting the oil changed on your BMW, B and B Autohaus in San Diego is the place to go!

BMW Control Arm Bushing Repair or Replacement

The Control Arm Bushing in a BMW is of great importance to any driver. The Control Arm Bushing is part of the suspension in a BMW and works to connect the suspension to the BMWs frame. If you have a BMW control arm bushing that is broken, we can repair or replace it with a new Control Arm Bushing.

BMW Spark Plug Replacement or Repair

Is the spark plug in your BMW broke or malfunctioning? A spark plug in a BMW is of huge importance, because without it you will have trouble starting your BMW engine. B and B Autohaus in San Diego offers expert BMW spark plug replacement or repair, so if you need a new spark plug for your BMW contact B and B today.

BMW Water Pump Repair in San Diego

The water pump in a BMW is very important and usually needs to be replaced somewhere between 60,000 and 90,000 miles of driving.  If you have a broken water pump in your BMW your car will start leaking fluids on a regular basis. If your BMW is leaking coolant, it is time to bring it to B and B Autohaus in San Diego ASAP!

BMW Brake Repair & New Brakes from B & B Autohaus

Get a new set of top of the line brakes and brake pads from B and B Autohaus in San Diego for your BMW. We have experts on staff with years of experience installing new brakes on BMWs, and we can get your brakes installed in no time! We also offer brake repairs for BMWs with broken brakes.

BMW Car Gasket Repair & Valve Cover Gaskets

The head gasket in a BMW is a gasket in the engine that seals the cylinder, meaning engine fluid and oil will not leak. If you blow your gasket and need a new car head gasket for your BMW, come to the BMW experts at B and B Autohaus. We can replace your head gasket in no time! 

BMW Walnut Blasting & Intake Cleaning

Is your BMW engine getting overrun by carbon? This can decrease the efficiency and power of your engine, and that is the last thing a dedicated BMW owner wants. That is why B and B Autohaus in San Diego offers engine intake cleaning for BMWs, otherwise known as walnut blasting. 

BMW Bumper Repair & Bumper Replacement

B and B Autohaus in San Diego understands that car accidents happen, even to your prized BMW. If you have a cracked or otherwise damaged front or rear bumper, the BMW experts at B and B Autohaus are ready to replace or repair your BMW bumper.

BMW Coolant Hose & Cooling System Repair

A fully functioning coolant hose, radiator and cooling system is essential for a healthy and properly heated engine. If you are having issues with your BMW cooling system, bring your car to the BMW experts at B and B Autohaus in San Diego. We can replace your BMW coolant hose or repair your cooling system.

BMW Cabin Air Filter Replacement

B and B Autohaus in San Diego is ready to fix any and all issues with your BMW, including replacing a Cabin Air Filter. The Cabin Air Filter makes sure the air that comes into your BMW is clean and safe to inhale, but over time the filter will stop doing its job. At that point, the experts at B and B Autohaus can replace the cabin air filter.

Other BMW services & BMW Repairs offered at B & B Autohaus in San Diego 

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  • Engine lights

  • Control messages

  • Dash lights

  • Coding and programming

  • Diagnostics and repair

  • Mechanical repairs

  • Electrical repairs

  • Exhaust repairs

  • Any and all maintenance your car requires

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